Leakey’s Storage Limited makes every possible effort to secure its physical facilities and to safeguard all property contained therein.

  • Our establishments at both locations have high perimeter walls. An electric fence tops each perimeter wall.
  • We employ guards on a 24 x 7 basis; these guards are fully-equipped with radio call and other expected security equipment.
  • We also feature a state-of-the-art alarm system provided by a reputable security company. All our premises are under continuous, 24-hour, closed caption television (CCTV) surveillance.
  • We have fire fighting equipment in place and ready-to-hand, well maintained and serviced by Dragon Fire Appliances Limited.
  • We also have a contract with Rentokil Initial Limited to ensure that property and documents are not damaged or destroyed by pests.

At Leakey’s Storage Limited, we take our responsibilities seriously. Clients trust us with the safe storage of their property, and we do everything possible to earn their continued trust.