Our Services

Storage Conditions

Our storage conditions are user-friendly, tailored to ensure that we meet the interests and expectations of our clients. We take added precautions for the security of the motor vehicles, goods, and equipment held in trust.

We periodically review our storage conditions to suit the changing business world, and we regularly communicate with our clients regarding any relevant changes in policies or procedures.


Our Clients

We offer impeccable storage and auction facilities to banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, major auctioneers, international clearing and forwarding agents, and private individuals.

  • Banks and other financial institutions store repossessed motor vehicles and machinery with us as the goods await disposal by public auction.
  • Auctioneers warehouse attached distressed motor vehicles, used office and household items while the properties await either sale by public auction or release to the judgment debtor once s/he settles the decree amounts plus other costs to the auctioneer(s).
  • Insurance companies store salvages from settled claims while awaiting sale either by tender, auction or any other competitive method.
  • Private and corporate clients, through various clearing and forwarding agents, trust us to house imported goods in shipped containers. We also safeguard documents on behalf of various businesses and corporations. We have several fully-equipped strongrooms, accessible only to top management, designed especially for this purpose.



Our rates are fair and competitive. All our clients enjoy particularly our service of indoor storage for executive motor vehicles at a normal and reasonable fee.

Our clients may rest assured that we adhere strictly to rules and regulations set by all relevant government and extra-governmental authorities controlling our kind of business. 

All our services are, therefore, subject to the standard 16% VAT, which we submit monthly to the Kenya Revenue Authority Value-Added Tax Department.

Finally, our storage rates are highly competitive and eminently affordable. We also have ultra-modern auction facilities which cater for public and private sales of any size and duration. Standard rates and specialised pricing supplied upon request. Contact us, please–we look forward to serving you!